Guide to Grilling – Easy Steps to Become A Grill Master!

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Grilling Gifts for Burger Lovers

22 great grilling gifts for burger lovers - including awesome cookbooks, kitchen gear, grills, and even some fun surprises!

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Best Meat for Burgers

All hamburgers share one common thing that defines how good they'll be, meat. Ground chuck is the best meat for burgers and here's why...

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Hamburger Patty Recipe

If you want to make a great burger you need to start with a great hamburger patty recipe. Pick the right meat, add flavor, and form the perfect patty.

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Best Way to Cook a Burger

Learn the best way to cook a burger, including the perfect temperature, grilling burgers and how to cook burgers on the stove.

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Best Way to Cook Bacon

Bacon can be hard to cook, here's the best way to cook bacon using your oven and a pan. It doesn't get simpler than this!

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Create Your Own Burger Recipe

Once you've mastered the burger basics, use these 5 simple steps to create your own burger recipes!