Best Way to Cook Bacon – Easy Method Using Your Oven

Bacon, the long loved meat, has achieved a new sort of fame where you can get anything with bacon flavor and get it in a million dishes. Aside from a breakfast side, bacon is famously paired with great burgers. But bacon can be a pain to cook well, so we’re going to help out by showing the easiest, best way to cook bacon.

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If you’re not experienced with cooking bacon you’ll end up cooking it brittle or having it shrivel up. After having these issues myself I went looking for  the best way to cook bacon, and found the easiest solution: using the oven.

Using the oven to cook bacon is great because the temperature is consistent, you don’t need to worry about limited space, and you don’t have to touch anything until the bacon is ready. Best of all once you’ve got it dialed in (which doesn’t take much) it’s easily repeatable so you can cook perfect bacon every time.

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Best Way to Cook Bacon: Step by Step

  1. Line a pan with aluminum foil
  2. Place bacon strips flat on the foil so they don’t touch
  3. Set oven to 400°
  4. Put delicious bacon pan in the oven for 15-20 minutes (depending on how well done you like it – I do 15min)
  5. Pull out the pan & put bacon on a paper towel to pat dry of grease
  6. Top burger with perfectly cooked bacon
  7. Easy cleanup by folding up the foil and trashing